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Meta history is longer than you realize. And contrary to popular belief Atlantis was no paradise. And its rulers, these so-called gods, destroyed themselves in a centuries-long game of thrones. Only few others and myself managed to escape the destruction of Atlantis with our lives. I thought our story would prevent the following generations from not repeating history.

But at least the three times when Metas have gathered in great numbers, it’s society has fallen due to a great civil war. Jericho, Troy and finally Camelot. Each time a great civilization has risen only to be toppled under the weight of it’s hubris. And I fear it will happen again.

Riverstone, a small town in Western Europe, was once a ghost town. Until a young lady with a dream, breathed life into this place. Where there was once ruin now stood buildings. Where there was no one, now stood a bustling city.

However, with the good comes the bad. And even though metakind once again has its sanctuary, there are outside forces that wish to destroy us. Anti-Meta Organizations, Pureblood Extremists and finally an evil I thought I destroyed more than 2,000 years ago… All of these things threaten our very existence.

All of my hope lies within this next generation of meta. Some say these kids are different. Which has me asking myself every time I look into the eyes of these children: “Will they be a hero? Or a villain?”

August 13th, 2011

Diary of Perseus, son of Zeus

Book 11,798


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