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Gavin Corner

One of the few students in the House of Hermes, Gavin Corner is a student of Black Thorn Academy with a teleportation ability. Quiet and a loner, Gavin usually keeps to himself and has very little contact with other students.

Gavin Corner

Full Name

Gavin Lucas Corner











Power Level

Level 3

Spouse/Significant Other




Blood Status


Gavin is played by Leani.

Mysterious Past

Gavin doesn't know anything about his family. He was found wandering a forest when he was six and no one knows how he got there. He bounced from foster home to foster home, always some how managing to disappear from them within a few days. When he got older and realized exactly what he could do, he concluded his abilities must have emerged around the time he was found in the forest. He never bothered to look for his parents and his only goal was to focus on controlling his ability and taking care of himself.

He heard rumors that people like him were gathering together to form a community. He wanted to finally have a stable and permanent place to stay so he searched around and gathered enough evidence to estimate the area he needed to fade to. Once he figured it out, he was able to find Riverstone after several weeks of trying. Lillith Knightley was impressed and offered him a place at the school, which he accepted mainly because he needed a place to stay.


Light/Shadow ManipulationEdit

Gavin has the potential create, control, manipulate and summon light/darkness in various ways. If he focuses too much on shadow, he has the potential to access a dimension of dark energy and any beings that exist there.


Gavin just wants a simple, uncomplicated life. He's truthful, and sometimes that can hurt, but he can be caring when he wants to be. He can't stand when people complain but try to do anything to change their situation. He has a hard time forming connections with people, but when he does they're usually forever. He's loyal to the few people who he has decided to trust and they know they can trust him. Overall he just keeps to himself.



Gavin Corner is represented in game by Sam Huntington.