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Izzy Daniels

Sister to Lillith Knightley, Isabelle Daniels is a quiet student who usually keeps to herself. She has an ability which is mentally focused. She has telekinesis and is just learning to astral project. She had a normal upbringing compared to other Metas. She is a BTA Student who has several close friends and a steady job. She usually tries to stay away from conflict and danger and it has served her well so far.

Isabelle is played in game by Leani.

Isabelle Daniels

Full Name

Isabelle Hale Daniels


Izzy, Bell






BTA Student, Hostess/Waitress at Riverstone Pizzeria



Power Level

Level 2

Spouse/Significant Other




Blood Status



Before BTAEdit

Her parents died when she was very young. She and her sisters were sent into foster care. Joanna and Lillith were kept together because they were twins, but Isabelle was put in another home. She was adopted right away and taken care of by a loving family. The Daniels took care of Isabelle as if she was their own. She didn’t realize she had the ability to move things with her mind until she was a preteen. She kept her gift a secret from her adopted family, not wanting them to find out and abandon her. It was difficult, and she found that she was not able to control it all the time. She was surprised when she received a letter from Lillith and when they were finally reunited, she realized she wasn’t the only one with special abilities. She agreed to come with Lillith to attend Black Thorn Academy.



Isabelle has always had the ability to move things with her mind, even though she never knew it. Since she is just learning how to control her ability, if she wants to move something she generally has to point at the object, then where she wants it to go. For several small objects she can just think about them moving and they will move.

Astral ProjectingEdit

After developing her telekinesis for a a bit, Isabelle will learn she can astral project herself. Her body can be one place but her astral self can be somewhere else. Eventually she will be able to control her astral self while she is awake, as well as have her astral self use telekinesis.


Isabelle likes her space. She enjoys being by herself while eating junk food and watching movies. She doesn’t mind helping people and enjoys being outdoors, reading and writing. She hates people who show off or butt into her business. She can’t stand the dark, noises in the night or horror movies. Isabelle is loyal, independent, ready to learn and determined, however, she tends to hold her emotions in and has a hard time opening up to people. She can also be too determined, not knowing when to quit. She shares Lillith's secret sister, Joanna, but like Lillith, she does not speak of her.


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Isabelle Daniels is represented by Kristen Bell in game.